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Thread: [REVIEW] MARWARE SportGrip iPhone 3G silicone protection **56K WARNING**

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    Thumbs up [REVIEW] MARWARE SportGrip iPhone 3G silicone protection **56K WARNING**
    I purchased it through amazon from a seller and this is how it came packed

    Nice bubble envelope...nothing special

    Open it up this is what's inside:

    Wow imagine that just what I ordered and a packing slip

    everything pulled out:

    Close up on packaging:

    alright now for the fit!

    fits well everything is lined up! did a test call and the screen still turns off when you put next to face! only thing i am worried about is over time the middle part of the screen on the side you can easily pull it i am not sure how long that will last without stratching.



    End side:

    Top Side:

    Okay the silicone rubber is very smooth and nice feeling, all buttons are accessible and easier to press, even the home button. My only complaint so far would be that there is some excess silicone around the cut out parts where the machine wasn't able to get it...not a big deal...just doesn't look like "top of the line". the screen protector that comes with it is cheap (of course) but does get the job done i was able to apply it with minimum bubbles overall I highly recommend this as a starter case for the price you can't beat it!

    Product Rating:
    Quality: 8 out of 10
    Price: 10 out of 10
    Design: 9 out of 10
    overall: 9.5 out of 10

    Like I said I ordered it through from the seller "XTREQ" I ordered it Sunday afternoon and got it Wednesday so very quick shipping! Total cost including shipping was $16.33, can't beat that!

    Direct Link
    [ame= 1218653327&sr=1-5] Marware Sport Grip for iPhone 3G (Black): Cell Phones & Service[/ame]

    anything I didn't cover just ask me!

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    ^^Thats not Marware and doesnt even look very good quality at all.

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    yea and i dont even think that DX one is for an iphone anyways a thanks would be nice hint hint
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    u realize its the same thing without the name on it?
    its like buying a pair of gucci sunglasses $500 worth it?

    4.5in (115mm) (h) x 2.4in (61mm) (w) x 0.46in (11.6mm) (d)

    4.5in (115.5mm) (h) x 2.4in (62.1mm) (w) x 0.48in (12.3mm) (d)

    and its silicon so it will give a snug fit

    someone report it fits perfectly with 3g

    [ame=""]YouTube - Incase lookalike case dealextreme[/ame]

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    Good thing you didn't compare buying wal-mart glasses vs Oakleys. Because then sir, you would have been owned.

    plus if you want protection now I rather wait 3 days then 14 days to get it....and another thing that one is missing is the cut outs for the sensors on the 3G version and it doesn't come with a screen protector and cleaning you get what you pay for....
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    lmao i was never talkina bout oakley, i was talkin about $500 gucci glasses or $1000 luis vitton iphone cases. lmao

    if i can get the same thing for 2 bucks, and it basically does the same, which is to protect ur iphone?. im not payin 16 bucks for it

  9. #8 since this is a "Accessory Review" thread and NOT a "Bash someone cause your cheap" thread,

    Thank you the bay mafia...for your review.

    Come on ya'll, if you dont like something, DONT BUY IT, but dont knock someone else for getting it.

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    strong hate from me

    ma bad

    good review tho

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    haha its okay...thank yall
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    Bad thing about silicone cases is that when you put them in your pocket they don't go in easy. And even when comming out its a pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vish View Post
    Bad thing about silicone cases is that when you put them in your pocket they don't go in easy. And even when comming out its a pain.
    this one isnt that bad i have been able to get it in and out....the trick is stick your hand all the way in shield one side of the rubber from your pocket lining with you hand and then pull it out....PS i haven't tried it with my tighter fitting jeans
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