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Thread: Review of SGP shield for iPhone 3G

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    Default Review of SGP shield for iPhone 3G
    Following review is based on my 2weeks in experience of SGP shield.

    First off, there are many skins out there and they look practically same, but after little comparison and researching, there were few points help me to decide to get a SGP shield over IS.

    This SGP skin stands out in better durability, thinner than IS (The thinest one I've known), optical enhanced film, full body protection (even corners and bezel), and lastly bubble free.

    So far, I am totally 200% satifisfied with it and NOT regretting my choice in overall.

    With little dust on.
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    Looks great. Too bad I just got my BSE today. Is it possible to buy just the back? I might have to consider!

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    Good photos. Thanks for posting!

    Using a hard plastic protector on the front glass makes more sense than a slightly tacky-feeling body film, in my opinion.

    Because this just came out, there aren't any reviews yet. Because there is such a delicate balance between cut, glue strength, and clarity on films like this, I'm waiting to read some more on it before spending more money and time on new ones. They are a pain to apply, and I don't want to make the attempt until I'm certain it is the right choice for me.

    A few questions:

    How many pieces is the back film? One? Does it come all the way up and cover the chrome bezel?
    Did you have any trouble getting the corners to stick down flat?
    Does the front protector go all the way to the edges of the glass? Does it feel slick, like the original glass, or different? How is the clarity?
    How long did it take you to put it on, and did you have any difficulties along the way?

    I've applied several of these, but the curve on the 3G makes application considerably harder. A thinner film may very well be the way to go here.

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    Thanks for your review. i will have myself order this skin tonight. Thanks!

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    Can I get closeups of the front bezel covered? From these pics, I can't tell.


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    i ordered one last night...was bit expensive than other ones however i liked the fact that they don require to put liquid for LCD. just read article that someone got liquid smeard in earpiece hole while applying BG
    hope to have the back part without moist there any that doesn require solution at all?

    i'll post up some pic and review when i get mine from them
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    Quote Originally Posted by netjack View Post
    Can I get closeups of the front bezel covered? From these pics, I can't tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iphoneheaven1 View Post

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    Hmm... something odd going on here. If you check victorysl77's other posts, they are all pushing the SGP shield with no other subjects, and in one of them he says he bought the metallic version instead of the clear. This seems to indicate that he might be a rep from the company.

    In any case, ilounge just did a full review of the skin. They thought the front protector was pretty good (certainly better than using an adhesive skin), the corners stuck better, and that the coverage was very complete. Main negatives were an inability to get all the bubbles out, a saranwrap appearance on the back, and lots of fiddly bits to apply if you want to cover everything.

    I recommend reading the review before purchase, just so you know what you are getting.


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