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Thread: Conice 6x18 Zoom Attachment for iPhone

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    Default Conice 6x18 Zoom Attachment for iPhone
    First off, please forgive me if this has been posted before. I have searched the forum but it did not come up with anything. I was wondering if anybody has used this accessory at all and if they can offer some sort of a review. It just looks interesting.. though I doubt I will be investing in one... just sort of curious about it. It costs $15 over at

    "We all know how limited the iPhone's 2-megapixel cam is but we have got a solution that might take off some style points you gained with your iPhone. Just like the one available for Motorola RAZR, this monstrosity adds 6x optical zoom to get those long-distance shots much closer. It is attached to a transparent protective case that fits closely with the iPhone and can be taken off without effort when not in use. For strong and steady hands only as this adds another 4.69 ounces to your 4.8-ounce iPhone."

    More pictures can be found here
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    Been meaning to pick this up because i don't have enough for a camera and my iPhone is my only still camera

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    < Lmfao >....

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    Haha, if you're this serious about taking good photos, here's an idea.... buy a camera.
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    LOL Now I'm really curious... wonder how the pictures look though if they use this thing with the camera. I am most definitely not picking one up since I'm not a camera lover but I'm really curious as to how this little thing will perform and if it actually does what it is supposed to do !

    EDIT !

    I found some sample pictures. The testers used it with a V3, I think (it looks so hideous though !!)

    Sample pictures here
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    It might looks absolutely rediculous, but you would be surprised what a little lense like that can do. We used a cheapy lense like that with a disposable camera for an art class I was in years ago and the pics came out phenominal. Now, it does look like a b*tch to attach but still, don't knock it until you've tried it. I might try it out just for the shear fun. hell its only 15 bucks!
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    Yup. I saw the sample pics taken with it on and it's not that bad, actually. It just looks really funny and kind of awkward hehehe

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