OK heres my second review brought to you by APS Pro Store www.apsprostore.com. This is a pretty short review because, well its a car charger. I have used both the Powerjolt SE and the Powerjolt. The reason I prefer this over the SE is the removable USB cable. This charger works perfectly with the iPhone 3G, charges great. In the package it also includes a USB to mini USB cable to charge a bunch of other things. I think mini USB is the most widely used connector. I tried it on the following:
Blackberry Curve
Blackberry Pearl
Moto V3 RAZR
Blueant Supertooth 3
Blueant Supertooth Lite
Canon 300D camera
Canon SD430 camera
Canon SD630 camera

The Powerjolt charged them all. This was particularly good news for me as I use my iPhone, Blackberry and Supertooth 3 bluetooth regularly. So Instead of having 3 chargers in my glovebox, I have one. Some nice features of the charger is a charging status indicator, it shows red/amber/green for the level of device charge, and also has a 2amp fuse to protect your investments should anything go wrong. The price is really good on this as well, APS charges 19.95, I will post the link later the site is down for some maintenance right now. Here are a couple snaps...