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Thread: Helium Digital HD-340 Headphones w/ mic

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    Default Helium Digital HD-340 Headphones w/ mic
    Hey all,

    Like all of the iPod headphones Iíve ever had, the right headphone of my iPhone headphones started to crap out..

    I ordered these from ShopRBC at half the MSRP and got them the next day. No instructions or anything, simple packaging.

    They are heavy but in a good way. Because of the weight, they just sit in your ear: you donít have to adjust it once itís in your ear, it just fits.

    I mic, I tested once and they couldnít tell that I had a different headset. I do wish that it was smaller but Iím spoiled by the almost, non-existent mic on the iPhone headsets.

    As far as sound quality, it took me a bit of test but the sound is a lot more crisp than iphone headphones..a lot. For $15, the sound clarity is amazing. As far as bass, it could use more. Even though it says that there is a ďbass enhancerĒ, I felt that it was lacking. This may be due to being used to the iPhone headphones being muddled and bass heavy. Listening to them more, the sound is a definite improvement.

    The sound cancellation is on-par with the iPhone headphones but I havenít had a chance to test them on the bus yet.

    Anyways, I definitely recommend these for $15 but Iím not sure if I would get these for $30 + shipping. If you have any questions, let me know.

    Pics can be found here (not mine):
    Helium Digital HD-340 Boombuds for Mobile Review

    To order:
    Helium Digital - Accessories for Digital Devices | Shopping

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    Well i need that information preetywell, i mean like i need a supply of that at $15 , it is comparitively cheap compared to my place.
    Plz do give me information of nthat purchaase.
    It is really helpful

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    Not sure what you're asking but if you're asking where I bought it, I got it from :: Welcome to a canadian company.

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    it say in review that we can skip song, is this mean we can go to next song with the button ?

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    Yes. It works just like the official apple headset. The button is just a bit harder to click.

    I was using the headset on the bus today for the first time and the sound was great. Still wish there was more bass but it makes me want to re-listen to all my music.

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    nothing beats my V-moda Vibe Duo

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimadelux View Post
    nothing beats my V-moda Vibe Duo
    When i read forum with tonne of people saying it breaks etc.. I dont think your stuff is not beat able. It is so shitty build quality

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    That's why I didn't get the V-moda, too many counts of them breaking. There is a price barrier when I buy headphones: if it's more than $35 to $39, I just go for the $50+ ones. These ones came out to $15 for me, so for the price, nothing beats them.

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