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Thread: iHome compatible with iPhone??

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    Default iHome compatible with iPhone??
    I bought iHome: 2 months ago and I was wondering if my iphone is compatible with it. When I pluged it, my iPhone said that isnt compatible but it works so I was like whatever. But I heard that a lot of people have had some really bad experiences with speaker docks and causing the logic board on their iPhone to burn out. Result -> DEAD/FRIED iPhone. Is it true?
    Thank you

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    I wouldn't suggest using iHome with your iPhone..I plugged mine into one at my sister's house to show her some music, and after about 3 minutes I noticed it was really warm, almost hot! It totally drained my battery and ever since my battery life seems to deplete alot quicker then before the incident..but, that's just my experience..not sure how common it is..cheers!

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    it fried mine and i had to send it back to get a new one...but a buddy of mine put his on there without any problems

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    What should I do? Use it with my iPhone or not?

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    Well, I have read that the ipods take more voltage than the iphhone does, so chances of frying the phone are high. WTF apple? Why not change the damn connector for it to only be iphone compatible? That way we won;t make the assumption that the rest of your cable that you have been producing for 6 million years are safe to plug into our phones!
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    Is there any clock radio compatible with the iPhone? Let me know
    Thank you

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    I plugged my iPhone into that exact same unit - I have it near my bed - thinking it would be a good way to charge the phone overnight, as well as have it near incase of an emergency call. I had no ill effects on the phone that I can see, but I don't use it that way, because with the proximity of the phone to the radio speakers, it REALLY squawks loudly with that GSM noise. Couln't exactly either sleep or listen to the music that way. You could turn the phone part off and use it as only an iPod, but I don't want to do that.

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