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Thread: iphone glass screen

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    Default iphone glass screen
    earlier today while playing with my girl she dropped my iphone and the screen got cracked but the touch screen still work i wanna know if there a way i can purchase the glass screen and replace it

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    You can find them on ebay and sometimes on craigslist (Most likely ebay)

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    Yup, that looks like what you need

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    thnx im about to order it but can o replace it mysef

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    You can replace it yourself but It's tedious. There is a video of someone pulling the phone apart and pretty much disassembling the entire iPhone to put on the new screen.

    Also my phone has a hairline crack across the screen and it hurts to see it.
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    If it's the 3g te screen is a lot easier to replace.

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    [ame=]YouTube - iPhone 3G Disassembly & Screen Replacement Directions[/ame]
    this link might help you if you have a 3g

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    you can't replace just the glass. I tried and even took the phone completely apart only to find out the LCD/Digitizer is fully attached to the glass. The only way to seperate them is to pry off the glass thus causing damage to the LCD/Digitizer. If you watch the video notice how at the end they dont show you anything in regards to that procedure.
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    Thats why you never let your girl touch your stuff.....they just end up breaking it...

    If you got can take it up to the nearest Apply store and TRY to claim as a internal face break, which it does happen. But from the looks of yours....its too obvious that it was dropped. You probably going have to pay to get it replace but if you want to be cheap about it....find just the cover on eBay and do it yourself. Never Craig's list...lots of con people.

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    to the guy that has just a hair line crack. If its just a crack and it does not split off in to more then one crack you can bring it back to apple and they will give you a new one. If it "spiderwebs" you can bring it back to apple and they will charge you 250 to either fix it or just give you a new phone. I'm not sure how this works with the new iphones but this is what i had to do with my first gen. Hope this helps.

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