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Thread: v-moda duo vs bose

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    Default v-moda duo vs bose
    sup guys !!

    i need 2 buy me some earphones !!

    so the ultimate question is bose or the v-moda vibe duo ???

    i like the mic option but what im mostly looking for is quality sound and bass !

    i was reading some of the other post and got some poeple sayin bose is better and some saying v=moda is !!

    i need 2 make a decision so i need some imput on peope who have both or one of them !!

    thanks in advance for the imput guys !!

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    Bose better (way better) than V-Moda Vibe Duo Headphones .

    Bose no noise cancellation (good for small city)
    I have Bose and i actually leave it in my ears all days long (more than 8 hours) and it doesn't bother me . Most of the time i wouldn't bother to take it out.

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    i have the bose ones, HAD the vmoda, just cuz it had the mic on it...but after not even a week, the left ear piece blew...very disappointed, cuz i read a lot of good things about the vmodas...dont get my wrong, they sounded great, but the durability and reliability just wasnt up to par compared to the bose ones...


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    but the BOSE do not have the in-line microphone, so I order v-moda duos yesterday...

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    I had the bose and they got stolen so I bought the vmoda because I wanted the mic and the button. They both have great sound quality and the bass is great in both. The mic option is was sets it apart. I use it in the gym so its nice to have that button. The only bad thing about the vmoda is the cord its a braided material which is kinda cool but it allows that wire inside that easily break. So if you accidentally snag you ear phone on something usually one side goes out. I have had two pair replace by vmoda already. other then that they are great.

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    thanks for the input guys !!

    i end up buying the bose !! the sound is indeed pretty good !! i should of bouth those earphones back in the day wen i first owned my ipod 30gig !!

    really sucks there's no mic on it !! i can only hope bose will come out with a version that has a mic !!

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    shure makes an adapter that has a mic and button its works pretty good. The only down fall for me is the cord becomes to long

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    i'm on my third set of v-moda (i have three small kids..don't ask! lol) and i can't be happier. i've never used the bose but i must say that i love the v-moda. this last one has the shuffle button like the stock iphone ones. i got the chrome ones this time and the fabric cord is inside a plastic coat on these.

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    i've got a v-moda, the only thing that irritates me is too small shuffle button

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    The best choice right now is Shure SE210 and shure MPA adapter which end up your incredible Shure headphones with mic. Noise cancellation is great and sound perfect. Shure are much better in my opinion.

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    i got a pair of Bose from the apple store and it has a mic on it just no answer button, so it is better for making calls than receiving especially when you are a work and not suppose to be on the phone

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    Had my bose since Christmas, and they are the best. I dont really care about the mic thing

    Bose all the way

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    I've had a pair of BOSE for over a year now and I LOVE them!!!!! I also have the Bose Sounddock too :thumbsup:

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    I am very happy with v-moda,
    but likely to switch to Etymotic's hf2 Headset + Earphones
    as I am a big fan of their headsets

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    Default Ultimate Buds
    try ultimate buds (Etymotics + iphone cable) . I've had these for about 3 months now and just love them. They cancel every noise around you. and I've compared them with Bose and Sony 71s since I own both and there is no comparison. The bose sounded fine, but never got load enough to block all noises and the sony's just were OK.

    I struggled for along time deciding on what to buy and I couldn't be happier.

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