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Thread: Bose in-ear... earphones

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    Default Bose in-ear... earphones
    I just bought these about a week ago and they are just amazing! The music quality is 10x better than it used to be with my $50 sony in-ear earphones, and one of the best parts - I don't even need to use my Dynex headphone adapter! It fits right in! They did cost $100, but I'm getting the best sound I've ever gotten from any music device. It plays great high and low pitches. The only thing wrong with them is that the case that comes with them is a tiny bit useless.

    Anyone else have these?

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    do they fit straight into the iphone or do they need a plug adapter?

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    yes i got a pair for christmas and i love them! they sound great and even have wonderful bass, something most earbuds don't. i also have a pair of bose triport around ear headphones which are my favorite and yes both my triport's and bose earbuds came with a small diameter headphone jack that plugs directly into the iPhone, no adapter required. I believe that is now standard on bose headphones.

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    Yeah I got a pair as well and I too love them. They are not noise reduction but I just used them on a plane ride and could hear both video and music VERY well with out having to have the volume up full blast. they are great!!!!!

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    im thinking of buying those bose but im wondering do they have a mic on it ??
    quality sound wise do they kill the v-moda vibe duo ??

    i want to be able 2 have a mic on my earphones but if the sound of the bose kills by far the v-moda im willing 2 sacrifice the mic feature !!

    mic is not that important but would be cool 2 have it !! but i dont wanna sacrifice 2 much quality sound just for the mic !!

    what u guys think i should buy ??

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    I have used those and I prefer shure. Don't get me wrong these sound great but for about the same price shure is the way to go IMO. More people know about BOSE so they tend to be hyped up as being better than they really are. The "gummy ear plugs" are nice on both.

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    My dad has the shure earbuds that cost the same as these and i think the bose are better, but of course that's just my opinion. I also like the bass on them

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    guys, this is the no.1 headphone for your iphone:

    Ultimate Ears 4 vi

    headphones with mic, excellent sound quality, great noise cancellation.

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    Just to give a dissenting view.

    I bought the Bose in-ear headphones soon after they came out. I think they were a complete waste of money. They didn't fit well (any of the three sizes), the rubber ends kept popping off whenever my ipod/phone was in my pocket - and I was forever looking to see where they had dropped, and I didn't think the sound quality was that much better than the apple ones.

    I've also got a pair of Bose noise reduction headphones - which are great - but unfortunately a little large.

    But anyway - if I was to go the in-ear route again I'd try SHure, and avoid the Bose!

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    Bose better (way better) than V-Moda Vibe Duo Headphones .

    Bose no noise cancellation (good for small city)
    I have Bose and i actually leave it in my ears all days long (more than 8 hours) and it doesn't bother me . Most of the time i wouldn't bother to take it out .

    Ultimate Ears 4 vi (Noise cancellation - perfect for big city like NY, Chicago, San)

    NikosF :
    "They didn't fit well (any of the three sizes), the rubber ends kept popping off whenever my ipod/phone was in my pocket "

    Everyone has different ears . Just like some1 has beautiful face but some doesn't . I actually have small on the left ear and medium on the right ear . I superglued them so they won't drop. All in all, i absolute love my bose . Seriously , i wouldn't trade bose for Ultimate Ears 4 vi .

    Different stroke for different folks .

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