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Thread: iPhone 3G battery pack

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    What you get is the charger, and then the plug that goes into the wall to charge it. In the plug is where you plug a usb cable into it and then into the charger itself.. this is how you charge it......

    Then you unplug it from the wall plug into the charger and then into the phone... a adapter comes with it so you can plug it into the phone... also with the white model one you can use it on both iPhone first gen and iPhone 3G

    I think what you would have to do is buy the adapter for any type of phone that plugs into the charger..

    I hope you can understand this.. LOL

    I can take pictures in a bit if you would like so you know what I am saying...or go back to the links on ebay and watch the videos on each page....and you will understand it better....

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    ahh double post
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    i know the topic is 3G, but I have the IOGEAR one - sorta flimsy, but good to have around as a backup... just in case... been saved by it many times...

    so not sure if it works on the 3G (can't see why not...)

    my 2 cents

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    backorder for the ty480?

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    Okay got the RichardSolo backup battery and LIKE it so far! It seemed a little weird having to plug it in the bottom... but the rear of the iPhone is where the antenna is located so it has to plug in the bottom. It charges as advertised and I've already found it useful during afternoons for a backup charge when out and away from any wall charger.

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    Default good news, imp500 power pack from
    IMP500 powerpack had 5000mAh capacity very powerful. I just got one. I like it. Check it out

    Imax Power iphone backup battery increases iphone movie time up to 32 hours!

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    that looks good^^ kinda strange the company only has one product and their video is shot on a bed-

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    I wanted to get a Mophie Juice Pack but it was out of my price range, I found one similar to it for only $30 from a company called Inspiretech: iPhone 3G Battery Pack

    I might buy one and see how it works, I'll post a review after I get it.
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    I have the mophie and incase. The incase won me over. The mophie doesn't protect the entire phone plus holding it in lanscaper seems to be very awkward.

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    i bought IMP500 from ebay. its probably the best iphone external battery i used. I paid $59.95 with free priority mail shipping. you can search imp500 on ebay if you're interested in buying

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    Default Imp500
    I bought another IMP500 from for my sony PSP and nintendo DS lite it worked great. So I bought a few more adapters to cover my itouch, iphone, blackberry and game system. It worked great.

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