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Thread: Invisible Shield Anyome?

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    You guys all had to put them on your own? They have an Invisible Shield store in the mall here. I guess I'm lucky!

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    i heard that my roommate had his put on for him and it looks like it was done real well, the guys working around me look like they would horribly mess things up if they were to do it.

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    yUU sPeLLd *inknee1* r0ng yu dUmm4zz!!

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    it wont fit 2g iphone would it?

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    I didn't like the Invisible Shield, i had one for the front for my iPhone 2G. That thing did not make the screen feel right at all, I'd suggest getting one of the Power Support screen protectors instead.

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    I returned my Invisible Shield. Lots of orange peel, it messed up the screen clarity and generally didnt fit well.

    Replaced it with Ghost shield. Much better product IMO.

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    Ive tried invisible shield as well as a couple others and in my opinion the best is BODYGUARDZ and even though a few bucks more is a saving in the long run as they last much longer as far as the edges and small pieces go.
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    i see some dirt on the corner. is it easy to catch dirts on the edge of the film??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dust Busta View Post
    I like mine, I only got it put on the back. You can hardly tell it's there, plus it improves grip! The phones not like a bar of soap anymore!

    How the hell did they get the corners down so well?

    Did you happen to see how they did it? No matter how long I held mine, they wouldn't stick completely.

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    hi I managed to get 1 corner perfect and messes up 3 but after 1& half months even the good corner is coming off. It's ok tho but to expensive as it peels off regardless

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    Look at what I found for you. Sgp shield is better than zagg's..

    review- SGP Shield for iPhone 3G - Mac Forums

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    I love it. I use this with a Capsule Neo. Like i said in another post...i feel like my iPhone is invincible. My only gripe is it sorta has an orange peel look to it (if you know anything about auto paint).

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I have one on mine. I on the fence with the product. I'm on my second invisible shield which is getting replaced. The problem I have is with the corners. Peeling corners is inevetable. There's no way around it. Dirt and lint will find it's way in there.

    I think the corners can be designed better. There is still exposed areas which I don't like.

    I use my Zagg with the Power Support front. Perfect combo IMO.

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    it does improve the grip and it works great for scratches but not dents =( especially since the 3g is plastic not metal. and make sure you dont get dust under it or you will be pissed and it can take a long time if you want it on there perfect. overall its a great screen protector and if you dont want a silicone case for damage control get this.

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    i have the front cover on my iphone 3g, and its ok.. i had to exchange it at bestbuy like 3 times tho.. and i still have a peice of hair under it somehow its so sticky it pulls stuff out of the air! grrrrrrrr!

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    thanks for tips

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    it is sort of hard to take off... it sticks well but doesn't leave a residue... takes much longer to place on.

    If you are thinking of this just google invisible shield coupon and you are bound to find somehting. I did that for 5 bucks off!
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