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Thread: iphone case decision...

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    Default iphone case decision...
    I have been weighing the many different cased and ways to protect my iphone since even before I bought it.

    I purchased a DLO silicone case as a "for now" case until research was done on the one I wanted. I was looking to stay under 50.00 shipped.

    Finally, I made the decision to buy the Krusell Orbit flip case. Came in at 35.00 shipped with an extra belt clip included.

    See it here:

    I think it fits what I wanted and doesnt bulk up the iphone to much for pocket use.

    Looking to see what the masses have to say about the case and if anyone has a good or bad comment about it.

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    It looks very bulky to me. You should have got a switcheasy capsule.

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    I second the Agent 18. It's great!

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    I have an iSkin Revo on mine at the moment, and it does the job for now. It also acts as a dust & fluff magnet so it's not the best thing i the world.. am contemplating the Seido case... or maybe just leaving the iphone naked with a screen protector on it...
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    I hear what your saying about the bulk of the case. It seems all of the flip cases have some added bulk to them.

    The switcheasy case looks good but, not the style I was looking for.

    When the case arrives I will check it out and report back with a full review.
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    Invisa shield is the only way to go. The phone is big enough as it is, I can't imagine adding more mass to the thing

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    I've just been looking at the Agent 18 cases... which one is the best one to go for?

    There's 4 variations..
    So many apps.. so little time!

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    I got the Agent 18 in black. minimal bulk, adds a littel bit more traction, so the phone doesn slip out of your hand and into the toilet... (i hear people clicking and clackin on their phones in the stalls all the time!) and it's recycled material... if you are hip enough to get an iphone, you should be green too....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sucram65 View Post
    I second the Agent 18. It's great!
    Third! I love it. Slides out of pocket nicely unlike silicon ones and it is very slim compared to almost all other cases that would also prevent damage if dropped.

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    agent 18 is #1 i've had 4 different cases and none have compared i wanna try the switcheasy but there is nothing wrong with the agent 18 so i'll have to wait.

    ps the belt clip from my old case works with the agent 18 not sure which brand case but it comes in a green and white box

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaggettie View Post
    I've just been looking at the Agent 18 cases... which one is the best one to go for?

    There's 4 variations..
    clear one!!!

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    hmm clear... black... i'm having a day without the cover on and i do like seeing the flashes of chrome around the edges... i think i may side for a clear one
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    I'm Trying Out The New Otterbox, Not The Armor Series But The Not So Bulky Series. I Will Post Again After I Get It Tommorrow.

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    Agent 18 ecoshield ftw! I dropped my iphone today (my hands get really sweaty sometimes ) but the case protected my phone perfectly. No damage at all to the actual phone! My first case, the leather casemate, actually broke.. The front part isn't very durable, and just snapped. The leather can also rip, which is really unsightly..

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    Default Otter box
    I have had the Otter box for a little over a week now. I have had people tell me they hear a echo every time I talk to them, I tested it with and without the cover on and its the case that makes the eco, I have E-mailed Otter box Monday and called them on tuesday (voicemail) but have not got any reply or help at all. So I will be calling my credit card company today to stop payment and return it to them. I have the smaller Otter box not the water proof one. I can say that the box feels nice but I cant have a echo on every call I make so what can I do?

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    I recommend the OtterBox case because it offers maximum protection for everything plus better grip too. I haven't had any problems with the product, and I have heard that OtterBox has really good customer service too.

    I got mine from Semsons & Co. Inc. for a really good price and free shipping. Whenever I had a question or needed support, they are prompt and very knowledgeable. And I speak to humans too! Not some kind of dumb computer. Anyway, Semsons also has a really good return/exchange/defective policy, so if you are interested, I would purchase the case through them. Here's a link on their reviews, blogs, and coupon codes: (just scroll down a little).
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    i've been looking at the Incase Slider, but everyone's saying Agent 18 is the way to go, so whats the difference? same material isnt it? hard plastic?

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