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Thread: Jawbone 1.0.2

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    Default Jawbone 1.0.2
    Hey guys/girls,

    I am in wanting to buy a Aliph Jawbone. My only problem is that I am in Canada and stuck in a city where I can not located a jawbone anywhere, unless I order it off ebay and such (online)... I read many great reviews about Jawbone, and I'm locked and loaded to purchase one. My only concern is I don't want to have to go threw the BS of having to pay to re-**** it back then go threw all that hasle of finding another one, or different make. Believe me when I say I've tried quite a few different models of bluetooth's (JX-10, other jabra's, plantronics, couple motorola brands). The main thing I realized is that the sound of them all get distorted a lot. Very cracky/fuzzy when I start talking etc... and as soon as I walk a few steps away from my iphone the distortion gets even worse!!! My iphone is the oldest one (1.0.2) firmware, and wondering if maybe I got a bad bluetooth enabling issue??? I've been/am currently using the Motorola H500, which seems to work best, but as soon as I go farther then say 10-20 feet it gets distorted. Quality is reasonable and decent while in use, but is getting old and want to look into getting a new one, with better range and quality.. "Jawbone" perhaps.. Also is anyone having issues with iphone version 1.0.2. with distortion??? before I go ahead and order this without having to re-ship it back for a refund...? And last but not least, (MAY be a good question) the iphone bluetooth is version 2.0., for example, when I shop for a bluetooth am I looking for a bluetooth version 2.0.? or 1.2.??? or 1.2 or greater??? REASON why I'm asking and curious is because Aliph Bluetooth specs are version 1.2. AND our iphones are version bluetooth 2.0.??? So you would think that we would be getting the newer bluetooth version 2.0.??? but people are claiming that Jawbone (1.2) works awesome!!!! Plz fill me in, and sorry for grammar mistakes, I am not english...

    ANY HELP will be greatly appreciated as im itching to make a purchase!!!!


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    Get it off of apples website have them send it to you.
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    the Jawbone is amazing... I don't think you'll find a better BT earphone!

    I have one, and my partner has one. All friends with their Apples or Motorola or more expensive ones are envious of the clear sound (not the big size). -- with free itunes under the puppy!
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