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Thread: Skull Candy In ear Review please!

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    Default Skull Candy In ear Review please!
    Someone who has these can you give me a review or point me the right direction? Thanks.

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    i have them, they come in a neat case well packaged etc.
    The sound out of them is excellent and others cant hear the music your listening too unless you have it turned up to the very last.

    Now for the bad news, you have to push them right into your ear canal and while the material they are made from is quite soft both my son and i found it extremely uncomfortable to wear them for any longer than a few mins. They dont feel like ear plugs, more like ear wedges and i tried all the interchangable sizes that are included in the pack.

    had to trim off 1 mm or so of plastic off them to make the jack fit in the iphone.

    all in all i wouldnt recommend them due to the sheer discomfort of wearing them, pity cos i have the skullcandy amped headphones and they are the best headphones ive ever worn

    hope this helps

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    Ohh, yeah that sucks, I like to fall asleep with mine on so I don't think they would work then. I really didn't want to spend $100 on the V-Modas but it looks like thats the only way.

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    Wow...uh...if you'd bother to search, you'd have seen my review.

    Skullcandy Smokin' Buds + eBay headphone adapter

    'Course it'd help if you spelled "Skullcady" correctly - it's ONE word, not two.

    No need to trim them; just get the adapter I reviewed, which is a whopping ~$4 or so, and comes in very handy. Or buy the set of 3 for $8 or so, which comes with the adapter, travel charger, and car charger (all in my review.)

    As for being uncomfortable? Not at all. I've worn mine for - literally - 5+ hours at a time. So have my kids, who all have Skullcady Smokin' Buds as well. We all agree they're EXTREMELY comfortable to wear and don't hurt at all. Each to his own, though.

    No need to get the V-Moda's; IMHO, they feel exactly the same when wearing them, and frankly, don't sound any better than the Skullcandy Smokin' Buds - which cost 80% less.

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    Gahh, you don't have to be such a jerk!!! Lol, im just playin, I did search but maybe I spelled it wrong cause I didn't see yours. And now I have seen your review on a ton of other pages so oh well. Thanks for the input, i'll probably just get some to try 'em out.

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    Haven't heard them cause they didn't fit into the iphone's jack.

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    i love mine... got mine for xmas and did the headphone mod...

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    Im gonna pick these up, i was gonna get the V-Moda but if its that much less and same quality.....i'll give it a shot.

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