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Thread: [Review] V-Moda Vibe Duo Headphones

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    The Super.fi4vi are fantastic
    great sound
    easy store case
    2 yr warranty
    Had mine almost a month and works better than day one as the hard to press clicker has since broken in for easier dbl clicks

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    I think he just wanted to show off his 1337 iPhone Case >.<

    but on topic those look great. Only thing your missing is where you can buy them, and how much...

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    they are great, im getting a crackling noise from the right one when i put it in or move my mouth???

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    looks awesome

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    Mine broke after a month and a half. It was at the iphone end of the wire. You really have to be gentle with unplugging and not getting caught at something for longer use. Received my replacement in less than 2 weeks.

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    damn, gonna have to buy a pair now. was waiting for a good review

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    Iv had 2 pairs of these sofar

    The first ones i got had a fualty right bud which was REALLY quiet and all sound was coming out the left one, Gotta replacement from the store i baught it from.

    Then the replacements have now also developed the same problem, right bud is really quiet and the left one is really loud.

    Been too long to take em back to the store i think, gonna have to contact V-Moda for a warranty replacement i think, although im in the UK. Will be a pain to send back to US

    But whilst they where working i couldnt fault them, good deep bass and natural sounding high's. Im sure that there are better ones out there but i like the metallic design and the inline remote was the main seller for me


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    I got these just the other day.. They are very nice. Thanks for the info on them. Would have never got them without the info here.

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    They sound good , but they dont last. Reconsider on spending 100$

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    the ones i'm using are still going on strong

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    Well, I got a Vibe instead of the Vibe Duo and maybe it's just me that the earphones are not that comfortable at first try out. Maybe I should use it for a couple of weeks more until I'm comfortable with the buds? Using the smallest S bud.

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    These earphones are great.

    I recommend using the "Treble Booster" EQ setting with them after experimentation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike3300 View Post
    Well, I got a Vibe instead of the Vibe Duo and maybe it's just me that the earphones are not that comfortable at first try out. Maybe I should use it for a couple of weeks more until I'm comfortable with the buds? Using the smallest S bud.
    thats the same with me there not that comfortable at start but tell me how you get on with them after 2 weeks because my ears starts hurting...
    and the earphone with the mic and button always fall outs ma ear and heavy aswell

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    so cool.

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    ive had mine since november. they work great, however the end piece where you connect to the iphone had come off. it still stays around the cord, but if i try and take them out by this plastic piece, it just slides up the cord. nothing a little crazy glue wont fix.

    im quite happy with the performance of these.

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    I've been using the Vibe Duo for 4 months or so, now the left piece is a bit louder than the right one. I might try the 4vi but It's not gonna be any time soon because I live in Thailand and it's hard to find an eBayer who would ship the 4vi's here.

    So for now, I'd have to stick with the annoying unbalanced sound shift.

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    i have both the vibe duo and bose in-ear for more then 5 months now and i love my bose alot more! ive had some defects with the vmoda and got new ones from apple
    bose is alot better for movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by csc2ky View Post

    Thanks for the short review of these Headphones. Not much to complain about it but some things you should consider for your upcoming reviews so people have all information together in one place:

    1. Where are the technical specifications of this product? Since you are writing a review this is a must include imho.

    e.g. at least the following two information for Headphones with mic. These should be provided by the manufacturer on the packaging.

    a. Frequency response of the headset and the microphone
    b. Sensitivity of the microphone

    (Probably something I can find on the manufacturers website but I am here now and since it is a review why should I need to switch back an forth?)

    Also some information about the cable length, and the diameter of those fittings would be great. Then you are mentioninig lightweight... How much is that? How much is the weight of the stock Headphones anyways?

    2. Pictures

    Pictures are saying more than thousand words. So why not get out the good digicam and make some decent pictures including macro close-ups of the mentioned specially coated cables, the microphone/control unit, the headset itself and last but not least the accessories.

    3. Pros and Cons or as you say Likes and Dislikes

    Come on. There is no product that does not have some cons or dislikes. I have not met a perfect product in this world so far. At least nothing that I could pay for.

    4. The rating

    9.8 out of 10? You don't leave yourself any room for future reviews. You do not mention any other comparisons than the stock Headphones. So compared to those this rating might be ok, but let's say another manufacturer send you a pair of their headsets and suddenly those offer also great sound quality but there the bass has more boom and therefore the highs have a not so clear sound? So depending on the music you prefer those might be the better choice.

    Additionally you are telling that these are in-ear Headphones, but I know countless people who hate those things even if they usually provide somewhat better sound. So what about making a suggestion to try some in-ear headphones beforehand to get the idea before spending a lot of money for something that sounds but does not feel great for someone?

    All in all some things you might consider for your next review. I could go on but you will figure out more issues by yourself for sure to provide your readers with more and more relevant information.

    Best regards,

    QFT the owner of this site did a terrible job. The mod even said the build quality is bad and I mean come on the price is a negative. No matter how good the quality.

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    Well i have already 3 rd pair of them sound is amazing really i spend a lot of time to find perfect ones but ........... even the chord is woven fabric is wear out on close from jack so ussualy after 2 -3 months one of the headphone stop working (usually left one) why i dont know i using them everywhere at my work as earpiece and car and jogging . After one stop working you can send them to factory or just purchase a new one at apple and return the bad one before 12 days and they will give it back your money . They are the best quality but your ears hurts on the beginnig because they are inside ear canal but after while is fine. ( sorry for my english i am still learning )

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    I might have to get one these for myself

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