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Thread: Do bluetooth earbuds exist?

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    I have been using the Ety'8s with both my 3G and 1st Gen iphone and they work great. The Ety'8s even have controls for volume, pause, and track forward and back. I recently got a set of Sennheiser MX W1's and they use a new technology called kleer. Instead of the compressed signal that bluetooth uses, the kleer technology sends uncompressed music to the totally wireless headset(no wire between the two headsets). I went back and reloaded some of my favorite cd's into itunes in the lossless format and the difference is amazing. They sound amazing. Even better then the Ety'8s. Now the down side, they cost more then the iphone. They started out at $599 and now are at $499. This technology would be great for the iphone and the kicker is that Kleer is located in the same town as Apple. As this technology evoles, hopefully the price will drop.

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    I've tried to use stereo bluetooth headsets in the past with A2DP enabled phones and I couldn't get used to having to charge another device every day and the headsets usually don't sound as good as wired and/or aren't as loud.

    I think it's too much of a hassle and the only way I see myself going back to them is if they build them to dock into the phone so that both can be charged at the same time and it would be easier to pocket the phone and headset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreggSymington View Post
    Bluetooth earbuds are technologically 5 years out. Two batteries syncing with two earbuds, the challenges are endless. Not to mention apple hasn't enabled A2DP on the iPhone. There is a set made by Sony out there but they are connected with a wire with a "pendant" like thing hanging to the middle of your chest with the button and controls, kinda ugly IMAO.
    it turned out it was just a year away: Sony Ericsson - Accessories - Overview - HBH-IS800
    I'm getting theese

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    Try looking in original Apple stores. They will provide the bets earbuds which will last long and you will also get warranty with it. It may cost a little bit more for you but it is reasonable.
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    THEY DO EXIST!! But their quite expensive right now, check out the
    Sony-Ericsson HBH-IS800

    Their $180 MSRP but you might find them on eBay/Amazon for ~$120

    Now about the BT battery issue, it's true, I don't own these but I would imagine they don't last too long because I mean they seem to have a small battery...this is also why I opted for BT headphones that give more room for battery (Jabra BT8030, last me 8+ hrs! of a2dp, of course with iphone plugged into wall or external battery).

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    i think maybe wrap around headphone that wrap behind head would be more applicable. smaller, less noticeable, but still big enough to fit bluetooth tech in.

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