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Thread: BestSkinEver VS Invisible Shield

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    Is invisible sheild, best skins ever and the 3m stuff the put on cars all the same stuff and same quality??

    Has anyone here doe a side by side scratching test?

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    hmmm... My Invisible shield started to peel off... I contacted customer service requesting replacement... paid them shipping fee of $3.95 using paypal... it's been 2 weeks and nothing... They keep on saying that they will send it out in 3-5 business days...

    My wife's BSE also started to peel off... purchased another one online and received it in the mail after 3 days...

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    i personally prefer the screen protector from ishieldz, I had one on my 2g iphone. When i got the 3gs i purchased the invisible shield and it didnt look as smooth as the ishieldz. So i ordered the ishieldz for the 3gs and im very satisfied with it.

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    Default Wrapsol
    I just ordered a wrapsol for my 3gs. It is pretty similar but has a matte finish to the back looks pretty slick. I will let you know what I think.

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    i say invisible shield. the flaps on the corners actually stay on the iphone because of its design. plus i get them for $9, lol, friend works for bestbuy and gets a nice discount on accessories. haha
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    i got this for cheap
    Invisible Shield Z-Life for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S - eBay (item 250458486484 end time Aug-03-09 21:48:35 PDT)

    and best of all it's finish is smoother than the BSE's, imo

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    If you think logically and be practical you will find there is no major difference in their looks. The only difference is on the price. So ,I suggest you to buy BSE as it is cheap and affordable and it looks also good.
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    How about neither, and try wrapsol instead? I've had the wrapsol back skin on my 3G S for a coupe weeks, and couldn't be happier. I LOVE the matte finish

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    I've used Invisible Shield on all my iPhone's from my 1st gen to my 3G S and I love it. I did however try Best Skins Ever once with my 3G and didn't like it at all. The way it was cut seemed awkward so it took longer to install and it just didn't feel good in the hand to me so after about 2 months I peeled it off and put another Invisible Shield on. I think they are GREAT for a screen protector as well. The first time I tried Invisible Shield it was for a screen protector, I had been using anti-glare and as soon as I installed it I loved it and I haven't put any other brand on my screen since.
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    DEF BSE. Same quality and 1/3 the price. If you have a problem, there isn't a lifetime replacement, but at least you won't get this:

    [ame=]ZAGG invisible shield discoloration or staining solution?? - Mac Forums[/ame]

    IS is annoying.

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    Neither, Wrapsol is so much easier to apply.
    And the matte look on the back, is Awesome ........
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    The new IS revision is really good.

    Very very adhesive, so it sticks on the back really well, and the edges don't come off!

    Although, I didn't use the IS front, because I felt the adhesive would peel off the Oleophobic Coating when the shield was removed.

    It was harder to apply, but all in all, definitely much better than the earlier revisions of the shield.
    No hairdryer method, etc. was needed.

    Although, I have a couple of small bubbles on the back, due to the fact that it wouldn't slide around with the application fluid, like the earlier revisions.

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    The Invisible Shield is pretty neat, though I had some work that constantly required me to handle stuff like Jif and Mineral Turpentine and handle my phone at the same time. After three months, the phone kind of end up turning out to be like this:

    They happily accept that as a replacement though and sent me another one within 7 business days.

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    Although both of them look same, but you will find a difference in quality in them for sure. Price really doesn't matter in this kind of matters. Invisible shield is more long lasting.
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    I've seen people get those cheap skins of ebay that work fine but then they go install them theirselves and it looks like crap. I am no good at installing them so i go to an invisisheild stand and have them install a sheild, it's worth it for me. Supposadly the stuff with the more orange peel feel is stronger yet slightly less atractive, my brother worked at a place that made those.

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    Default Free invisiblesheild I know
    I got two gifts--a front invisiblesheild and a winding device from an online store( ) when a brought a cool sillicon case for my iPhone.

    The case covers the rear, sides, and corners, fits perfectly, it's so light that doesn't make the phone to bulky to carry in pocket.I like iPhone and the case so much!

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    There an invisibleshield kiosk at my local mall, if u go up and show them my shield is the least bit messed up they just hand me a new one. Also for i think for like $5 they'll put it on for you which I hate doing. Easy decision for me.

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    BSE. Way cheaper, and it has a smoother feel to me.

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    I had an Invisible Shield, and after I used it up my cousin recommended GadgetShieldz to me, which is $7 (with free shipping) and the exact same quality, maybe even better.

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