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Thread: Belkin Auto Kit+iPhone=Hot (not the good kind but heat hot)

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    Default Belkin Auto Kit+iPhone=Hot (not the good kind but heat hot)
    I bought a belkin auto kit specifically because of the car charger as well as the built-in aux port where you can get audio. However, I notice that the iphone gets unusually hot when I plug it in and its freaking me out a bit. Anyone else experiencing this same issue with non made for iphone chargers? I used an old wall charger for charging my iphone and noticed the same issue as well.

    Also, anyone know how much power voltage the iphone takes versus a regular ipod or nano?

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    yea actually dont do use that.
    i know someone whos battery overheated and pretty much ruined his phone.

    he plugged it into a fm transmitter at best buy and after about 10 mins in it..voila screwed it up

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    Any other chargers that have an audio out functionality that work with the iphone. Too bad with the auto kit... Does the belkin griffin autopilot work with the iphone some what?

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    i was using monster trnsmitter to charge my phone and at one point it gets hot i disconnected it kinda got scared now im not using it anymore...pc is the best way to charge your iphone lower voltage it takes a little longer than wall charger but its safer..even oem wall charger makes iphone gets a little hot

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    hmm. i was just gonna buy the belkin fm transmitter/car im scared! anyone else have this overheating problem? dont wanna burn out my new iphone!~

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    dont use the belkin.

    it uses 12volts to the firewire charge port.

    i dont have any idea why apple left those connections active for charging on the iphone in the first place. they are seperate pins from USB charging. very stupid move on apples part.

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    ok! i def wont use the belkin! but any recomends on a fm transmitter/charger that would work with the iphone. ive read some mixed info and would love to hear a clear answer! even if there isnt a fm transmitter/charger combo that is good for the iphone id settle for a really good recomend on just an fm transmitter.

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