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Thread: UMA on Iphone Contest: Lets make this a News Article!

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    Default UMA on Iphone Contest: Lets make this a News Article!
    I would like to propose to the mods to see if they want to put this as a news article, a contest of sorts now that the pwned tool has been released has opened up the floodgates to greatness.

    As many of you know UMA is the technology for making phone calls over WiFi which is used by T-mobile [email protected] in USA, Fido and Rogers will adopt it in canada as well as Orange, and I believe O2 in Europe. This will give a great market for the iphone modders.

    What needs to happen is someone tweak or make an OS that has UMA integrated, so that it can make phone calls over wifi, you can view UMA devices at best example so far I think is the Blackbery Curve 8320, or the Blackberry 8820. The Fabled HTC Dream Android phone is rumored to come with UMA capabilities for the t-mobile release as well.

    The Contest I know might be more symbolic than anything but I propose to give $1k to whoever can get UMA working on an Iphone, I am sure many more will hop on the bandwagon and offer financial rewards, as well as I wouldnt doubt you could get some "donations" from phone companies for showing your skills even just for proof of concept.

    Comments, Thoughts, Opinions and UMA Brilliance is Welcome.

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    it might be easier to make a voice chat app a la iChat as a stopgap
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    Well the point of UMA is the seamless handover between GSM and VOIP over the Wifi, so that defeats the purpose. From my understanding it has to be done at the OS level in order for it to work right. But basically when it detects wifi, it does the secure VPN tunnel with UMA servers of your carrier, then you have UMA signal isntead of GSM signal, all TXT msgs, Edge, and Voice calls go through your WIFI through said VPN tunnel.

    Whenever you lose wifi signal it hands it back over to GSM so that you can resume your call in mid-call without being tied down to any wifi, so you are free to move around.

    To the Mod that Moved the thread to 3rd party Apps Request, this is NOT an App Request since this cannot be done via an App, it has to be done on the OS level, it has to be custom firmware to use the wifi radio to handle the UMA handover. Examples of phones are:
    Blackberry 8320
    Blackberry 8820
    Samsung Katalyst
    Samsung T409
    Samsung T709
    Nokia 6086
    Nokia 6136
    Blackberry Pearl 8120 (to come out April 14th)
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    That would be beyond ridiculous, I am not sure how they would have been able to do that without someone noticing the code was there, or the chipset was capable, maybe it was just a random instance of someone doing a trick to fool us, but if thats true, then please figure out where to store the settings so we can use it on any carrier.

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    I would pay big buck$$$ for UMA on my Iphone.

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