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Thread: power profiles

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    Default power profiles
    After having my iphone running around 20% on quick here and there charges for the last few days, i've determined that a power "profile" app would be a sweet idea. Something along the lines of power settings for laptops and notebooks that would control whether or not wi-fi, auto-brightness, screen brightness, auto-lock, and other energy wasting settings would be on or off. If there were multiple profiles that could easily be switched to depending on the current user's need, i think the app would be a great success.


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    That actually sounds like a good idea to me, i know that BossPref allows you to disable/enable wifi, edge and a few other things. It would be sweet to have customizble settings like laptops depending on if its plugged up or how much battery is remaining, or whatever the users wants. Also to add onto the auto brightness idea, maybe depending on the time of day it could change the settings automatically. I know the iPhone has an auto brightness option, but it kinda lacks.

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    yeah,i have services and the app works great, but there are times when i dont necessarily want to be stuck having to go in and turning off edge and wi-fi individually. Sometimes i need each one of those pieces of the phone and that's where the profile idea came in. To add on to the original list, vibrate and mail being turned on to manual check. those two alone could easily kill battery life...

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    Im looking for profiles that you can set depending on where your at. like nokia has
    so on and so forth, anyone have any ideas for a app like this???

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    Hello All,

    I see its been over a year with nothing new on this. Is there any apps now that can do this? I want to be able to have my phone docked on my desk and stay on all the time, but when I pull it from the dock it would autolock in 2 minutes.

    This is a really needed app. I cant believe if there isnt something to do this. The phoen should do it from apple.


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    Turn off autolock.


    And yes, there is an app that can do this. It is called MyProfiles available through Rock Your Phone. It is a very advanced Profiler.

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