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Thread: Request: Plug-in for Push Mail with Non-Yahoo! Accounts

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    Default Request: Plug-in for Push Mail with Non-Yahoo! Accounts
    As we have all discovered over the past several months, the "push" mail which Jobs promised back at MacWorld never materialized. Yahoo! on the iPhone is not true push (it's triggered pull) and it is unreliable, to say the least.

    A much better alternative would be for someone to create a plug-in which would allow users true push email via their own IMAP Idle-enabled accounts (such as Fastmail, for e.g.). From what I've been told, this would not be an exteremely difficult task. There is already such a plug-in in existence for Macs, available at I spoke to the developer of that plug-in about using it on the iPhone, and apparently it would need to be rewritten for several reasons, most notably that it was not intended to be run on an ARM processor. Nevertheless, that plugin could prove to be a valuable asset and guide to creating such an application for the iPhone.

    I'm not a coder, so I'm making this plea to those of you "in the know here" to take a stab at this. IMHO, the lack of true, reliable push mail is really one of the major drawbacks to the iPhone. Hopefully, someone will take up this cause.

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    C'mon, isn't there anyone interested in trying to port the desktop IDLE plugin code to the iPhone?

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    check this out (under development)
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    Actually, I've been following the development of this app over at Hackint0sh and it is really, really exciting. The new update today works great. The only feature which needs to be added is the ability to automatically trigger to go out and get the new message(s). Hopefully, deadstick, the developer, will figure that one out soon.

    In the meantime, anyone who uses an IDLE-supported mail server is highly encouraged to check out this new app and, if you like it, throw some bucks over deadstick's way for his hard work.


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