I use all google apps. I hate apple apps because I also have an android phone and when I use it, I can't use any of my apple apps. I use gmail for push email, I store all my music in google play, I use all my voice commands, reminders, and voice created appointments with the google search app, I store all my pictures on google+ but I use web albums to upload and view them, I store my files in drive and Dropbox, I use google wallet to store my loyalty cards, I get my text messages via Google voice, I make calls using google hangouts, I use google maps for gps, I use chrome to browse the web, I use YouTube for videos, and I use go tasks to access google tasks.

Soon Google will have a dedicated calendar app for iOS and when that comes out, I'm ditching the apple calendar app. There are a few things I would still like to see out of google on iOS. First is a third party android keyboard for iOS so you can keep your dictionary's the same across iOS and android. Maybe if apple would allow voice dictation then it would be cool to have Google now integrated into an iOS android keyboard. Second is support for android wear on iOS.

It would be nice if a developer created a google contacts app for iPhone so ios users can access google groups. Not a sync but a dedicated app for the contacts. Allow users to open all handlers and links in Google apps (ie telephone numbers should open in hangouts, addresses should open in Google maps, text messages should open in Google voice or Google hangouts, urls should open in chrome, video calls in hangouts, emails in gmail or inbox, birthdays and dates in Google calendar, and share contacts as vcf files via Google voice or Google hangouts). There should also be a way to export and import all contacts with pictures using a vcf file. It would also be nice if it supported multiple google accounts.

The only non-google apps I use is ever notes for note taking because there is no google keep app for iOS. There are also a few apple apps I'm forced to use because apple does not allow third party access. I use apple pay until apple allows google wallet access to nfc. I also use iMessage from time to time with fellow iPhone users if they are not already on hangouts otherwise I just use hangouts.

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