Hi all,

I've got a tweak request to restore the way the stock Phone and Contacts apps display contact groups to the way they were prior to iOS 6. There was quite an uproar about the change in these apps, however, there doesn't seem to be any way to fix it and Apple certainly isn't interested in doing something about it.

In iOS 5, when you created contact groups, you could access people in a group by simply selecting the group:


Somehow, someone at Apple thought that this needed to be fixed so in iOS 6, the list appears as a checklist whereby you can select multiple groups to be displayed:


This is okay if it was in addition to the way the group list worked before. That is you could select multiple groups to be shown together while also being able to select a single group with one tap to see just that group without needing to tap "All Contacts" to deselect all groups and then tap the group and then tap "Done" to get this accomplished.

Now I am wondering if there is a possibility to create a Cydia tweak to restore this to its original form. Or better yet, restore the original way of quickly tapping the groups to see each group separately and then add a button on top like "Select" which lets you select multiple groups to view them together (like it is in iOS 6). Can this be accomplished?

I'm hoping this makes sense.