So we've already been given the capacity to create amr recordings through the VoiceNotes application by Erica Sadun. We also have Python and or Perl available. Add to that online media conveters (like, and we have all the tools necessary to convert amr to m4r without leaving the iphone.

Ok, so I'm not jazzed about loading up 40MB worth of Python just so I can automatically process the amr file by submiting through media-convert, grabing the aac, and dumping it in the Ringtones directory. Python/perl I know, Iphone I don't. Is there an easy (and lightweight) way to auto-fill an html form, etc using the native scripting language? Alternatively, how difficult is it to directly encode aac or convert an amr to aac in-phone?

Ultimately, I just want to record something from the Iphone, and then apply it as a ringtone. The capability is definitely there, its just a matter of overhead.