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Thread: Battery Monitor Standalone Application

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    Default Battery Monitor Standalone Application
    I don't know about the rest of you, but that little battery icon in the upper right hand corner drives me crazy.

    I know that the battery voltage/charge graphic are a relative, rather than absolute measure, depending on discharge curve, age of the battery etc, etc, so there can never be a real "minutes to turn off" indicator, but it sure would be nice to know:

    1. In terms of the display I see when I have the unit on the charger, ( I am using the "battery charger" graphic) what percent of charge is left. Again I know it is innacurate, but at least I will get a feel for where I am on the time to live cycle.

    2. Rather than a warning at 20%, I would be just as happy to set the warning level I desire...5% is enough for me if I have the ability to check my little battery app whenever I am worried that I am running out of time).

    I can learn how much time to expect remaining and judge my use accordingly.

    The hooks are there and those that did the % scale of battery charge should be able to build a little app that can be checked despite not being plugged in.

    Maybe nobody else needs this, but it would seem that the development time would be minimal....

    Just my 2 cents worth....

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    I agree, I am with you on that one, It would be a great feature to have!

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    yep i'll third that.. kinda does get annoying.. honestly i think its our apps that kinda kill the battery..... but it will just jump up on you sometimes.. this would be extremly helpful.

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    Yep, I was thinking about this the other day. I would definetly like to see this.

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    same thinking here...def. a nice app to have

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    The Aqwoah theme has a Battery image that shows a percentage, rather than the status bar. If anyone likes, I can zip them and upload them as a separate icon set.

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    That would be super....Thanks

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    Count me in for this idea......the lil battery is a waste of space

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurisko View Post
    The Aqwoah theme has a Battery image that shows a percentage, rather than the status bar. If anyone likes, I can zip them and upload them as a separate icon set.
    hate to bring up a long-dead thread, but I absolutely LOVE the Aqwoah Battery. Would REALLY love a stand-alone app I could start that would show those graphics and tell me what % is left, and perhaps an estimate of time remaining.

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    Default Battery capacity/status
    yes indeed, a stand alone app would be great... with the current status of the battery, ie. how long is this puppy going to live.

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