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Thread: Universal Remote Control?

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    Does anyone know if ther is an app. out there that will work with the iPhone to be able to use it as a universal remote control for audio and video equipment. thanks ahead a time...

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    most remotes work off IR i think, which the iPhone doesn't have... I believe there are apps, or at least webapps, that can be used to control iTunes and such on your computer from your phone...

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    are you serious?

    There isnot IR... Therefor the nature of a remote is IR... is busted

    ( i guess if your entertainment system ran on the network you could SSL in and have a program control it.)
    If you want to control your computer.. OH YES, there are options i would suggest telekinesis which has an extra aplication ( you must add it on and you can use your phone as anything from a DVD remote, run itunes, use as an ordinary remote that ships wth all computers now a days, or even do a VNC type thing)

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    You could do it, but it would be a very long process to set up. There is a piece of hardware / software combination out there called iRed and another one called IRTrans. Using these two devices you could control other devices that use IR from your mac. You would have to use 'telekenisis', run these two things, and write some custom AppleScript. Then you could login to your mac from 'telekenisis', have it execute your AppleScript, and then it would send the signals to the TV box etc from the mac. However, you would need to have a mac in the room with the device you are trying to control or buy an IR Wireless Remote Extender to connect the IR to the other room.

    I had a similar setup with EyeTV so I could connect remotely and schedule DVR on the mac and have it turn on the TV and record the right channel automatically. In the end, it was way too much work for a little pay off. It was neat.

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