I get Apples marketing reasonings yarr yarr grr grr nuff said.
So I looked into work arounds a while back without finding a solution. Its been a while since then so I thought its worth my attention.

From my basic knowledge the Touch has incorperated A2D profile to enable sound through bluetooth speakers but the mics dont work since the Touch is missing (I believe) the "hands free" protocol.

If I remember correctly, iOS X.XX was what enabled A2DP to function on the Touch which makes me think that bluetooth profiles are software or firmware based and perhaps not completely bound by hardware requirements.

Therefore, could it not be possible to add the HF protocol through a crack or modded firmware update? Considering how closely mirrored the operating systems are couldn't the iPhones scripts be almost copied directly?

If someone has already done this, that be just freakin fantasic. Corded microphones are slowly driving me crazy...