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Thread: GameBoy Emulator

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    Default GameBoy Emulator
    I would love to see someone (perferably nervegas) port a gameboy emulator over to the phone. I shouldent be that difficult considering he ported InfoNES.

    What do yall think?

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    I think I want Sega GameGear!

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    GBA (Game Boy Advance) would be better then GB

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    bump for a Game Boy Advance emulator.

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    yeah..deffinetly gameboy advanced...

    also..i dont kno if anything over nes can be used...because of processing power required and sound channels and what not... it all depends on the hardware in the phone.. unless gets perfected in every way..i doubt anything over the 8bit will be used..

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    comparitively, in the ds brew scene, genesis and super nes are proving to be a pretty challenging to emulate fully, though it is running games pretty cleanly. I'm not sure how the two arms compare between iPhone and ds, but I would agree that anything beyond nes would be a miracle. Lets get some atari,and gameboy!

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    I would LOVE a gameboy emulator... in fact I was just about to make a thread for it.

    Even if it's just GB/GBC, that'd be great!! Pokemon Gold/Silver would be awesome :P

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    haha pokemon would be cool

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    Pokemon Snap for thr 64 would rock so much on the iPhone!

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    i feel like playing gameboy or nes games on this device is awkward for a lack of tactile feedback.

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    ps1 emulator anyone? lol
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    I could totally see a GBC emulator coming out. I would wait until the NES emulator is more optimized before we attempt an SNES or, god forbid, N64 or PSX emulator.

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    might take a while 2 create a gba emu since it requires more resources then nes does

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    XBOX360 emulator!!

    Halo 3 on the iPhone!

    Hahahahaha..... Just kidding.

    Pokemon would be awsome, though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whoismiked View Post
    GBA (Game Boy Advance) would be better then GB
    Vectrex rules!

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    If they got the GBA and GBC running on the iPod nano there should be no problem for the iPhone to run such ports! ...
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    Yes, true.. I wonder if the team working on NES is thinking of doing this.


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    GBC would be nice

    GBA would be amazing!!!

    I need some Pokemon . . . I'm getting annoyed with Super Mario :/ (sorry)

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    How would R and L work though?... i realize there would be buttons for them.. but where?

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    yeah didn't think about that one . . . oh well

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