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Thread: blackberry email notification impersonator

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    Default blackberry email notification impersonator
    I know there's no coloured LED on the iphone but my clients who switched from bb to iphone need something comparable to the led that flashes when they have new emails.

    I don't wanna have to jailbreak the phone to try intelliscreen as that entails a lot more guidance on my part with the user...especially if they need to take it in for repair.

    I can't even find an app that will repeatedly alert the user of new emails similar to the alarm clock / snooze feature the iphone already has....

    flashing the led every ten minutes would be great too since my clients walk around their office all the time while the phone is on their desk charging.. beeping at a chosen interval would be sufficient till the client picks up the phone though.

    Thoughts ??
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    Unfortunately there will be no app outside of a jailbroken app that would do this as it would require the Apple OS to be altered. The only way Apple will allow the OS to be altered is...wait...they won't allow the OS to be altered. Yep, have to jailbreak to do it.

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