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Thread: Anyway to get email notifications rather than just a sound?

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    Default Anyway to get email notifications rather than just a sound?
    I know we have elert and GriP in cydia (GriP seems bugged on 4.1)

    I have tried them out and I am more interested in a native feel to the email notification... something that looks like the sms notification or a push notification.

    I know there are a few app store apps that can specifically push gmail... but I also have domain specific emails, yahoo, and hotmail. I am looking for an app or a cydia addon that can display notifications for all my email addresses (5 addresses).

    To me this seems like an important feature since I commonly miss the vibrate notification for email while in the middle of another app. Am I just alone? haha... can anybody give me a reason as to why apple doesnt have notifications for email?


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    Try "notifier" through cydia and
    "make it mine" ! Both work great notifier allows little icons at top of screen ie envolope for mail etc, works for me pal!

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    that is one alternative, but I would still prefer a notification with a preview of the subject and the sender or something.

    thanks ibiggy

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    Try lockinfo. It's not quite push but I believe you can set how much info shows on your lockscreen. You can also use lockinfo on your springboard.

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    Lockinfo is a great tweak, runs real smooth for me.

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    Boxcar can push notifications for any emails you forward to it, and it looks like it no longer charges by the number of services you use so you could put all 5 email accounts on there (or simply forward all 5 accounts to the same Boxcar email address).

    1. Obviously, Boxcar's servers will see any email sent to it. This may or may not be a privacy concern for you.
    2. Looking in the settings, it doesn't look like there's a way for Boxcar to open up the Mail application when you tap the "open" button on a push notification. The only options are "None" "Boxcar" and a URL of your choosing. So you would be using this simply for notification that you got an email, after which point you'd quit your current app and enter Mail manually.

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    I'm looking for the same thing. Hoping to have an alert for email that wakes up phone. I have alert that will give the preview of the email on the lockscreen. Just wish I didn't have to hit any buttons to see that preview. Hear the sound/vibrate that new email came in, pick up phone and there is the preview on the lockscreen. It would be so nice!! Any help is appreciated!

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    Or even if the screen flashed white or different colors after receiving a email while phone is "sleeping"
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    I use IM+ for monitoring + Notified for saving & displaying. Got IM+ years ago cheap . It does a great job of monitoring multiple email and IM accounts and fast push notifications.

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