New to this forum. Just jb'd yesterday, and LOVE it, although there's a missing app that would be HUGE: a bluetooth remote for the computer. Hulu, VLC, WMplayer, iTunes.

Nothing fancy. Just pause, play, next, previous, stop, rewind, fast forward, volume up/down.

I'm guessing that this can be written as a "keyboard" because many keyboards have those buttons already (although laptop keyboards rarely have similar "codes" for funny buttons like pause, play, etc).

A GUI for changing the "commands" the remote makes might solve this, or maybe just the option to choose an Ubuntu/Windows/OSX configuration.

Anyone else?

P.S. I've seen similar posts from the past, but nothing that seriously took off.
P.P.S This might also be resolved as a bluetooth keyboard with the choice of a "remote" GUI layout.