Download the application and more FREE tracks for the application at our repo, add:

What is 'Tap Tap Revenge: VIP'?

'Tap Tap Revenge: VIP' is the first ever, public custom Tap Tap application! 'Tap Tap Revenge: VIP' is the only Tap Tap application that offers over 6 types of gameplay! With the application able to run:

- 3 Rail Gamplay
- 4/5 Rail Gameplay
- Arcade Mode v2.0 (Beta)
- Battle Mode
- Radiation Revenge (Tap Tap Radiation on iPhone)

There is so much to play with! Why? Tap Tap Revenge: VIP is 'Downloadable Content Friendly' which means you can download even more songs with complete ease and without the trouble of having to manually install anything (DLC content is found ONLY on our Repo).

With an high quality set of themes which allows players to preform their best and constant updates and changes to the application; this is the best and only custom Tap Tap application you can get. Not only that, but if you are a TTViP member, you are even allowed access to the completely new "iPhone Version" of the site, allowing you to talk to the clan and play your fave tracks without even leaving the application!

What is new in 'Tap Tap Revenge: VIP'?

- A new 3, 4 and 5 Rail theme!

-----> Different Tappers
-----> Changed HudMatrix
-----> Repositioned HudMatrix
-----> New "16x Tappers"
-----> Disabled 'Annoying' corridor effects
-----> Dimmed bright lights to increase visibility
-----> Original designed background

- A whole new gameplay! Introducing 'Radiation Revenge'

Play your fave TTR:VIP tracks in a Tap Tap Radiation theme without the need of a iPad! Works perfectly on any iTouch and iPhone! To simply activate the gameplay, turn the "Radiation Revenge" toggle ON in the 'Help and Options' page! To return to normal gameplay, turn the toggle OFF!

- Faster Tapper Speeds

Increased the difficulty in hard and extreme tracks as the speed of the tappers are increased to add a more challenging gameplay. Keep on your feet at all times as the tappers could be popping out from anywhere!

- Notification Bug Fix

After many complaints of the application crashing upon receiving a notification during gameplay, then the application crashing, we have took the time to go through the script to fix the automatic close of the application. Play without the worry of losing your awesome score!

- Changes to the "Main Menu" page

- Changes to the "Credits" page

Kind Regards
Charlie McShane

Version 1.2.1