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Thread: Springboard Modification

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    Default Springboard Modification

    just wondering if any can make a tweak modification for springboard

    ok this is a complex idea so doing it in bullet points

    1. the tweak to able to go left or right in a loop for example i have 3 pages of icon, when on the 3rd pages swipping again would go to first pages but without going backward because the isnt a fourth page
    e.g. swipping again on the 3rd page would bring page 1 on the screen from the right rather than going to page 2 then page 1 backwards

    2. to be able to do the above but other way round so for example from page 1 when swipping right would usually bring up search but instead of search to go to page 3 and top do all that smoothly as possible


    1. i know there are other tweak that have the ability to move many apps at once so this shouldent be hard

    - to be able to move many apps at once

    2. adding new page usually is done by going to the last page and swipping again bringing up new page which for explaination of this tweak is 3 pages so 4th page would be a new page. now because of the loop tweak mention above

    - what if its possible to add new page when in wiggle mode, simply by swipping up or down
    e.g. while on 2nd page swipping up would bring a new page on the right side of page 2 and swipping down would bring a new page on the left side of 2 page.

    or any other way developer can think of


    1. currently the search function is brought up by swipping toward the right on page 1 but because of the loop system it will take user to page 3.

    - so a new method for bringing up the search would be by swipping up or down (up to the developer) or by a using activator

    or any other way that the developer can think of


    having setting function in settings

    1. to turn on/off swipping for search and/or enable through activator

    3. the abilty to set any prefered page as page 1 so when first unlock would bring up the selected page

    2. to be able to turn on or off the all above tweaks, only the once that wont affect the tweak all around

    any other the developer can think of


    i am more than willing pay for this tweak and any on who agrees please encourage anyone whoes able to create this because this tweak from the way am imagining seems like it gonna look and work great and any theme created can new and unique theme because of the tweaks ability

    sorry for the complex post & thanks for reading
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