Can someone please find a way to turn on compilation mode on the iphone, like we had on our 5th generation ipods?

In itunes I have all my albums set up nice, including compilation albums, which were tagged as compilations so they showed up in their own section. When I would sync with my 5th generation ipod, artist that did not belong in a compilation would show up in the artist view, and soundtracks would show up in compilations. It was a nice system.

On my iphone, if I go to compilations, then my soundtracks show up. But if I go to my artist view, it shows EVERY artist in there. Including artists that only have one track in a soundtrack. So now instead of going through about 80 artist, I have to rummage through closer to 400 artist, which is a pain.

I use the sort artist workaround which is floating around the internet, but it doesn't always work for what ever reason. And it's getting more and more annoying.

If someone could please create a tweak and will treat compilations albums the same way it did on my 5th gen ipod, I would be grateful.

Thanks for your time.