Hi there!

I own a 1st gen. iPod touch which is connected to my stereo system. The 16GB are filled with music and some music streaming apps.

The device is jailbroken and Veency is installed for remote control. It works pretty good, but I would like to use gestures, too (a simple swipe and not a tap-tap-and-hold is missed the most). I use iTeleport on my iPhone to control the iPod, but the app doesn't allow fullscreen view (status and a button bar are always visible), though the touchpad-mode does a fairly good job.

There are some remote apps in the AppStore, but they are all only for remoting the iPod.app, not last.fm and sorts. VNC is the best solution, but I can't find any app which comes closer to remotly control my iPod like having the device itself in my hands than with iTeleport.

Is there already an app there I haven't found yet or can somebody make one?