Me, like a lot of people have problems with spotify while we're in the car. Personally, I got a iTrip AutoPilot FM-transmitter that has worked great for my ipod purposes on iPhone 3G, 3GS and soon iPhone 4. But when I try to play music from spotify or any other app, the dock will look inactive to the fm-transmitter and it will go into low-power mode, stop transmitting and all I here is the snow-sound from your TV :P It usually takes around 20secs before the sound goes dark, so it's a limit somewhere in iOS.

Are anyone here able to make a fix/tweak for this so we could with a insomnia-like on-off switch(have a app on the springboard with on/off logo) switch low-power mode for the dock on and off for when we need it. Spotify WITH sound in the car would be lovely Please do share if something like this already exists. (and with iOS I of course means iPhone OS, doesn't need to be 4.0 support, yet... ;D )