Recently I bought an iPad 3g sim and was able to activate it without an iPad thanks to this forum and play around with it in my iPhone 3gs. I changed the APN settings in the iPhone and now have unlimited data on my jailbroken iphone 3gs. I wanted to somehow use my google voice number to make unlimited calls. I have a gizmo5 account and right now I use the GV mobile to call my gizmo5 number. Right now the SMS, voicemail, and everything else work fine but i canít make the call to my gizmo5 number. Going to the web and doing it works fine. Why is that?
Also that requires me to swtich from safari to fring (my sip client for gizmo5). Changing apps all the time has become quite a hassle. I was wondering if there was an all in one app that functions as a GV client as well as a SIP client that way when making a call I dont have to switch apps. Is there some sort of solution for this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.