Okay, well, i have this .vbs file that when you click on it, it opens up windows explorer to a remote control for a projector. The projector is connected through the internet and basically the vbs file, when openned, allows you to turn on or off the projector, and basically a lot of other things. Is it possible to make it work on the iphone/ipod touch? is there an app for it? and heres the coding for the file which is pretty simple. Please help :]
Coding :

dim ieUIobj
set ieUIobj=WScript.createobject("internetexplorer.app lication")

ieUIobj.navigate("xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx") <-- thats where the ip address goes.
ieUIobj.resizable = true
ieUIobj.width = 200
ieUIobj.height = 200
ieUIobj.statusbar = false