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Thread: Bluetooth Serial Communication Receive and Interpret (raw data with minor conversion)

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    Default Bluetooth Serial Communication Receive and Interpret (raw data with minor conversion)

    I would like to have an applicatin that will basically act as a Serial monitor for a bluetooth data connection.

    I am using arduino which is monitoring a two way serial data line and outputing what is going on with that data line to and LCD screen. I then have it repeating that output to a firefly serial bluetooth device for additional mobile monitoring using a netbook. It would be much better if I could forgo the netbook and setup since I only need to see a small data line for my home sensor.

    Ideally I would like to have a program that would just show me the raw bluetooth data stream as it comes in with a few toggles at the top for real time conversion to Hex, Dec, Binary, and ASCII. What would be amazing would be some sort of logging function where I could go through and see if something went wrong, know where it happened and check the small 1GB SD database card I put into the arduino based device.

    I could see this being VERY useful for bluetooth developemnet in the future as well as communication with wireless sensor devices and home automation projects. In fact, there is a small product on the market that is very expensive and all it does is use bluetooth with its specific product only (will only communicate with this bar code reader) and populate a small spreadsheet. Realisticaly, there may be a legitimate market for this on the Apple AppStore.

    I would like to add that the device only seems discoverable by using BTstack, which does mean that some communication is possible. Maybe an extension on BTstack. Though it seems like the protocol as far as the Bluetooth SPP maybe implemented.

    I do hope that the BTstack people are listening!
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