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Thread: Mazda bluetooth integration for in dash stereo

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    Default Mazda bluetooth integration for in dash stereo
    I just purchased a new 2010 Mazdaspeed3 (LOVE IT) and one of the features of the car is bluetooth integration to stream music on the radio. iPhone seems to be the only device currently that does not give you access to the controls to change music, volume, etc. The only thing that actually works is Play and Pause. I know it can be enabled, however, a software tweak in the iPhone has to be created to do so. Can someone create the tweak please? I'll gladly pay for it and spread the word to other Mazda owners I talk to on the forums to purchase. Thanks!

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    Hello there,

    I too have a Mazda, more specifically I have a 2010 3i Touring with the extras.

    The issue lies with the lack of an iPhone AVRCP implementation.
    I really don't see how this canot be something added onto the open source bluetooth code (the extentions which give bluetooth mouse and keyboard support now). I do not know if it can be directly embedded into the A2DP signal and that may be the tricky part. What would be most important to me would be simply a bluetooth remote control program, even without the A2DP.

    Ryan, I would look into the "DLO transdock direct". It is the best car dock I have tried for the iPhone in that car. Mainly, it places the iPhone just above the shifter and its easy to control mindlessly once you get the hang of it. Plus, it charges, matches the interior of the car nicely, and has a long enough and unobtrusive cable that comes with for doing line in through to the console. Best part is that it can be bought and shipped for under $20 almost anywhere, works through pretty much any case as well.

    Temporary solution, I know.

    I would work on this myself, but I do more bluetooth Hardware than software. Trying to improve potential bit rates of the iphone while on bluetooth is right now my biger issue. Crappy lack of Flac support as well.

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    I appreciate the reply! Hopefully, someone will make this tweak or better yet, Apple will hopefully include it with OS 4.0. Speaking of which, I heard there's going to be more thorough integration with car stereos, but the article I read didn't have too many details on it. Atleast thats what they've discovered in the OS beta.

    Anyway, I appreciate the suggestion with the transdock. I did find one for $10 plus shipping, but I really want as few wires as possible in my car. The bluetooth distortion isn't affecting me that much. The main thing I'm concerned with is changing the music without having to look in another direction or having to hold my iPhone while driving. The MS3 is 6-speed, so I need 2 hands to drive. I'm going to try burning a disc with all my mp3s on it and see how that comes out. I'll definitely need more than one since I keep my music 256 bit and over. So, the challenge there becomes how am I going to catagorize my music?

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    Hehe Yeah.

    I have the automatic with the slapstick manual. The slapstick manual is a godsend, even if it doesn't let you upshift as fast as you may want some times. The automatic is convinient, but when looking for speed, can be like pushing through mud.

    Good luck with that craptastic 6 CD changer and small display (even on the MPS). Dear GOD I hope that they come out with some sort of firmware upgrade where volume across the uses is fairly the same. Right now my bluetooth (mono) is at 35, while the CD is at 45-50, Radio at 25-30, and my line in at 15-20. Seriously, WTF?

    Another really good car dock is the Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe. Can be had for Under $30 and has a very nice remote that is designed for the steering wheel. The dock will charge and hold up your phone if so desired and remote function still works with the bluetooth on.

    It is a work-around and a remote Bluetooth application is SORELY NEEDED, especially of those who are making and developing hi-fi bluetooth devices 'AHEM!

    Heck if someone does it, they can have one of my prototypes.

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    I'm forgetting how much I use Pandora... Now I don't know what to do.

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