Hi to all.

I am both new to the iPhone as well as this forum so please bear with me on both counts.

On 17th March 2010 (Happy belated St. Patricks day to you all) I purchased an iPhone 3gs 32gb from an O2 store in Hammersmith, which is in west London in England. It is running firmware 3.1.2 and I have unlocked and Jailbroken it using Blackra1n and it now has a UK T-Mobile sim in it.

As I say I am new to the iPhone having used Nokia's for the last 14 or so years.

I am very disappointed to find that I cannot do the following on the iPhone:

1. Send group sms/text messages as easily as I could on the Nokia's.

2. The iPhone does not have predictive text (T9) on it like nearly every other mobile phone has.

3. I cannot send photo's or files to other mobiles via bluetooth on the iPhone.

I wonder if anyone knows of any apps that cover these areas, remember that I am in the UK and so far the the sms/text apps I have seen that have group sending facilities on them do not operate in the UK.