Hi there,

First of all i wanna thank you for everything you have done for this community.

Iíll be short: My name is Adrian, I live in Miami but i was born and raised in Romania. I blog a lot about the iphone, creating tutorials for the romanian users and recently iíve established an unofficial iPhone support page for the romanian users (http://www.boioglu.ro/iphone-romania-suport-tehnic/ )

I wanna create a repo/source for all the romanian iPhone users, Since thereís thousands of us. I have basic knowledge but i really need your help. I wanna post there a few basic apps and patches and to translate the most important ones. This has been one of the most requested featureover the past few months: apps translated into romanian. I can do that but i need to know how to stick them on to a repo and have them available for everybody. Also, i would like to know are the minimum server (or other) requirements for an Installer source.

I know everything comes with a price, so iím asking whatís yours. All the advices and technical support iíve given to the romanian iphone users was for free so iím hoping this will not be expensive. If needed, i can get some friends to help me.

Please let me know your thoughts..