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Thread: Theme store?

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    Default Theme store?
    ok, so i had this idea for a while and thought i'de post it. forgive me if its already been requested. This could be either a summerboard addon or possibly something like a installer for themes only. I know there was something a little bit similar to this before, but i havent seen it around for awhile.

    So with all of these cover flow apps out there, i thought that this could be a good idea.

    first of all when the app is opened you can choose a subject (i.e. Top downloads/Most Popular, Newest uploads, sports, fantasy, OS, Abstract, All, etc.), then a coverflow screen pops up with screenshots of all of the different themes that are available for download. this takes up the top 3/4 of the screen. the bottom 1/4 of the screen has the name of the theme, the author, "more info", back button, install, etc. You can flick through all of the available themes and see what they look like at a glance. When you double tap a theme screen shot, it zooms in to full screen, so you can see what it will look when you use it. Double tap again to go back to coverflow screen.

    It might also be cool if you could scroll through the pics like you would see using music (landscape mode) and then if you turn it to portrait mode, it shows you what the theme you stopped at will look like in full screen mode. maybe you could even click the theme in landscape mode, it turns around like when you click on an album in coverflow, and on the back of the theme there are a few options. for example maybe you can make an "add to basket" button, and when your all done looking through themes, you can click "your basket" that has all the themes that you had checked, and you can download them all at once. The obvious name for the app would be Theme store or something.

    It seems like when iphone 2.0 hits in june it will be inevitable for a company to impliment something like this anyways, but will be probably for a pay store.

    basically you would need every theme submitted to be submitted with a screen shot, but that shouldnt be too difficult. In installer, its always a hassle to either have to download every theme just to see what it looks like, or wait for the "more info" to load, which not every theme even has.

    What do you guys think?

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    i think that's a pretty cool idea  03473

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    Default That's a great idea!!!!
    I love the idea!!!

    I, too, hate having to install a "Theme" just so I can see if I like it or not....too tedius.

    Maybe in the near future........
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    that would be very cool
    2.1 T-mobile

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    That would be cool actually, I could house it on my server if you'd like. I actually developed a theme creator and i need a beta tester and actually i would love if someone would like to create the themes for me...

    here is where the post is:

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