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Thread: Remote lock triggered by SMS

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    Default Remote lock triggered by SMS
    Was just missing an old Treo app called Treo Helper, IIRC. You could set it so when a certain word or code was received by SMS, it would activate password security needed to unlock the phone.

    I am not really paranoid, and I find it really inconvenient to have to enter a code to unlock the phone every time I pick it up, but I do like the security of if I discover my phone is lost I can send one SMS to it and make it useless to whoever finds it. I'm not keen on remotely erasing the phone's contents, but I suppose some of the more paranoid users would find that useful.

    The way the Treo app worked is how I would hope this app would work: you set up a password, but didn't activate the security to require it to unlock the phone. I see in the iPhone that you can't have a passcode set up without activating its requirement, so my hope would be that you could have one set up in the app itself, and the SMS trigger would institute that code in the prefs. Or, I suppose if that couldn't work, an alternative could be that you could have it active, but on the longest timer, 4 hours, and the app would change that to "Immediate."

    If this is possible, I'd pay $5 for something like this. (Even though Treo Helper was free )

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    find my iphone, a mobile me service is supposed do to something like that.

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    mobile me does that and cylay does it to i do believe. look up cylay on cydia mobile me is an expensive product

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    hallo zusammen
    ich hoffe, dieser thread ist noch aktiv.
    genau das feature was NanOOk beschreibt, suche ich auch. Bei Nokia ist das als Standard dabei (Fernmeldesperre). Ja, Apple bietet eine Funktionalität an, welche nicht ganz billig ist, jedoch einen Computer verlangt. Bin ich z.B. am Abend weg und verliere ich mein iPhone, habe ich nicht gleich einen Laptop dabei ;-) Jedoch haben meine Freunde ein Handy und ich könnte mir kurz eine SMS schicken, welches dann mein iPhone locked.
    Ich probier mal Cylay aus, obwohl da muss man sich registrieren, was ich nicht so toll finde.
    Wenn es also sonst noch eine App gibt, wäre ich super froh, wenn ihr mich das wissen lässt.

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