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    Default App Dock
    So at the bottom of your iphone screen is your dock, you get to place 4 icons there. You can download "Five Icon Dock" from cydia to increase that to 5. When you slide the screen, your dock goes nowhere, it remains on every screen.

    So my idea, which i would absolutely LOVE to have, is a 2nd doc that can hold a screen full of apps, or even the possibility of upto 3 new docks that can each hold up to a page of apps (1 page of apps is 16 apps.

    So what this would be is something similar to SBSettings, but instead of being on the top of the screen, it would be on the bottom, and it can be sectionalized so that if you slide your finger up on the bottom left 3rd of the screen, the 1st page dock will come up. If you slide your finger up from the middle 3rd, the 2nd page dock will come up. If you slide your finger up from the bottom right 3rd, the 3rd page dock would come up.

    If its not possible to add a feature so you can slide up from the bottom, then instead it could be an app that you add to your normal dock, and when you tap it, it QUICKLY opens a page dock, just a window that takes up the whole screen.

    SBSettings has its own dock but its not as easy to get too as swiping and tapping, you have to swipe > tap > tap, but it doesnt show the names, only icons so i really dont like that dock. Plus it removes the icon from your springboard, but i'd like both to be there.

    Is this app possible?

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    theres an app for that! The app is called stack it makes a clickable stack on the dock that expands to show icons in it
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    Ok so stack... It's a nice program and all but there's some problems. It doesn't work on the 3.0 OS, the newest version is in Alpha stage and you have to do some crazy terminal stuff to get it to work, so no telling when a working one will be out, 3rd and last, it could be better!

    What I think would be BEST is an app that has a bar across the bottom of the screen, just like the status bar on the top. It would be sectioned into your choice of 1 to 5 pieces, so when you slide your finger up from one of those sections, it would open a little dock or a tower of icons depending on your settings, this would keep the integrity of everything else on the screen, but make quick easy access to each dock.

    If apple made it so you could tap a page dot to goto that page, this app would be pointless, the goal of this app is to basically extend the standard 4 icon dock (or 5 if you have the mod) so that it's limitless, allowing more icons on the doc, but in a little window you have to slide up on.

    Is there an app for that? Hehe, thanks for the insight though! That app would suffice well enough if it worked :-/

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    it wont let me post it here, but there is a source for stack, version 3. it works well for me. Just remove an icon from your dock(leaving 3 icons on it) and respring. a stack will appear and u can drag icons onto it(the same way you move icons around normally) i could email you it if you pm me with your email (or make another email account then pm me if u think i might send u spam)

    Also, mquickdo has some kind of dock (that works by sliding the bottom of the screen a certain way)
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    Ahhh!!!! Ok, yeah the alpha one i tried to get working and couldnt do it, so i went to the guys site that makes it and all i could find was all these terminal commands and all this other stuff you had to do so i gave up on it!

    I'll give that one a shot again, i know its Alpha but hopefully it will work good on my phone, but i want to have 3 docks at the bottom of my phone, can that other app you mentioned do more then 1 dock? That way i can have 4-8 apps in each dock, making it much simpler to find the app im looking for, and fast too!

    Ok i just looked at mQuickDo and wow! Thats sooooo close to what im looking for!

    The whole running processes thing is pointless since i have SBSettings to do that job for me, but it has the doc that you get by sliding up from the bottom of the screen.

    Now if it could be sectionalized from 1 to 5 sections (customizable) with each section being an entirely different dock, then that would be perfect!
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