As a newbie, I am struggling to find a solution to the following problem I have (of my making!).

I have a 3 plan which I use within the 3 broadbrand zone. This plan includes 1Gb data per month. This is great for when I am working, as I work within the 3 broadband zone.

In Australia 3 change for data whilst roaming in none 3 broadband zone. My home is outside the 3 broadband zone, so at weekends I swap my 3 sim to a Telstra sim.

The problem I have is that the prepaid Telstra sim does not allow the iphone to be tethered. I can download a file from Tether me! and get tethering working. But by doing so I can't get the 3 sim to work properly until I sync it to itunes and update the profile.

What I would like to request as an app is the ability to store multiple tethering configurations.

Something along the lines of an option where you open the app and it asks if you want to save your existing setup. Answer, yes, and it will save it.

Download another tethering configuration. Confirm everything is working and then open the app and it asks if you want to save your existing setup. Answer yes and I will then have 2 setups backed up.

From within the app, I can then select which setup I want to use (depending on what sim is in the iphone) and basically swap between them seemlessly.

Any possibility?