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Thread: passhash - the password hasher

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    Default passhash - the password hasher
    So, there's this guy, Steve, who wrote a really nice FireFox extension and web page (Password Hasher) which has a really cool password hasher function based on the site tag and support different lengths, whether or not to use special characters, etc.

    I asked for, a while back, an app version of a similar web page and someone did it (jdas), and then offered it up for sale -- great. Unfortunately, it doesn't have all the options that Steve's web page does.

    Basically, I'd like to load the page locally using the file:/// schema mobile safari extension (that works) and:

    1) make the site tag storage in the page work like it does in the full-blown safari.
    2) be able to copy the resulting password from the field using copy/paste (doesn't work now).
    3) have the page load up and fit on the iPhone screen (currently loads up tiny and doesn't fit without scrolling -- should be able to if another column were added and the lower elements shifted over to it.)

    I don't write code, and I don't know how to write the html/xml to tell the elements how to be presented on the page, or I'd do it.

    Can anyone take a crack at it? I've pulled out some of the stuff I didn't need and I made a working Leopard widget of it, but that doesn't help me too much on the iPhone.

    The current HTML I'm using is attached. I think the license/credits might need to be updated to reference where it came from (
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