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Thread: Incase of EMERGENCY :)

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    Default Incase of EMERGENCY :)
    Hello all,

    I had this thought today, what if (touch wood) one day while walking across the street, I get knocked down by a car and lie unconscious on the road. Joe comes to my rescue! Searches my pocket for contacts and finds ... my iPhone! Now, Joe isn't very bright (maybe)

    "WTF, is this a phone? I need to call this dude's family man! I GOT A BLEEDING MAN ON THE ROAD HERE!"

    "Freaking thing ... how do I use this?"

    *One hour passed, and I lie there in a pool of blood without my loved ones knowing what happened*

    Ok Ok Ok ... grim picture there, but I was thinking, not everyone knows how to use the phone in case of an emergency. It would be cool if there's an app that let's you set a few numbers as an emergency number to call in case of an .... emergency. Maybe right at the 'Slide to unlock' screen?

    Seriously, guys, no one thought about this? I don't wanna die alone man.

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    You could install the 911 app, double clicking dials 911 and put a shortcut via springdial next to it called family. But of course he has to slide to unlock the phone first. You could change the string to "slide this-->way" to help him a little. Well I hope you will never need this. One other thing just came to my mind, what if there was a app that uses the accelerometer and if it detects a hit (airbag comes to mind) calles a predefined number or numbers for that matter.

    Edit: I know some guys will now say what if I drop my phone will it call for help automaticly, I guess you could put in a delay say 5-10 seconds before it dials emergency or whatever you have choosen, and if you just dropped it you cancel the call before it is placed.
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