By using the mobile finder program in conjunction with the text edit program as well as the photo's I am able to take and save on my phone I am finding a need for a my documents folder that I can move pics to in an effort to avoid image capture coming up every time I plug my phone in to sync my email, contacts, and itunes.

If we make a place for the images to be moved to (which we have the capability with mobile finder to move things anywhere we want just like on a full size computer) we can avoid image capture asking us every time if we want to download the same images over and over each time we sync.

I don't mind sticking the images and text documents in the same folder, but even if I had a documents folder I could just place an image folder inside. We could just use mobilepreview for clicking the images from the new folder.

So I want to make this folder, and link it to an icon on the desktop of my iPhone. How do I do this?

Mobile Text edit:

Mobile Preview:

Mobile Finder: