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Thread: few SBsettings toggle requests!

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    Default few SBsettings toggle requests!
    one to turn on and off the txt popup hide (Pysl) and one to turn off the quick reply features of irealsms. these would receive my undying gratitude!

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    I would also like to see a toggle for VPN.

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    SafariDL toggle please!
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    i would like one to replace the ring/vibe switch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
    SafariDL toggle please!
    I too would absolutely love to see a Safari DL toggle!

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    Do you not read the BigBoss' blog?
    Reworked how root requiring toggles work. As such, we can now system out to processes as root. This enables Safari download and other toggles! (Expect them soon).
    He's busy getting it al working for FW3.0
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    I'd love a toggle either to turn off the inline remote temporarily OR make it so that the remote only works if is already running.

    I'm sick of mobilemusicplayer playing music (draining my battery) because the inline remote has been pressed accidentally.

    I kill the process way more often than I actually use the remote functions. I'm close to switching to a "mic only" headphone because of it.

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    It would be amazing to have a toggle to turn on and off Tethering... plz
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    A flashlight app that drops down like FastNotes so that I can use it whenever without killing my current app. One that overrides the brightness control like the current jailbreak flashlight app.

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    Shake to Shuffle toggle
    EQ toggle/list
    Notifications toggle

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    1. VPN
    2. Tethering
    3. Notifications
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